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Tired of being at the mercy of bipolar disorder, never knowing when your next episode will come or what other horrible things your disorder will make you do or say?

"Do You Know The 7 Secrets Of Living With Bipolar Disorder For 2009?"

If You're Tired of Letting Bipolar Disorder Boss You Around and Ruin Every Aspect of Your Life, Keep Reading to Discover How to Free Yourself from the Grip of This Hideous Disorder

FR: David Oliver

RE: The Truth About Mastering Bipolar Disorder

Dear Friend,

If You're like most people who are struggling to come to grips with their bipolar disorder diagnosis and the huge impact the disorder has on every aspect of your life, You're probably:

  • Scared that your life will never be normal.
  • Exhausted by the roller coaster of manic and depressive episodes
  • Mad that you have to be on medication the rest of your life and wondering if there isn't a better way to treat your disorder
  • Annoyed that the medications You're taking are causing nasty side effects
  • Frustrated that your doctors can't seem to figure out the best combination and/or dosages of drugs that will make you feel better and normal.
  • Fearful that You're doomed to remaining single or, if married, fearful of whether your spouse will ask for a divorce, because who would ever want to stay with someone who has such a horrible disorder.
  • Worried that you'll be shunned and gossiped about by your neighbors, co-workers and friends.
  • Doubtful that you'll ever be fully independent and able to hold down a good-paying, full-time job
  • Skeptical about whether you'll be able to support a household and own your own house
  • Terrified that if you already have kids, that you might infect them with this horrible disorder.
  • Sad that you might never be able to finish school and get the degrees you need to pursue your biggest career goals
  • Worried about if you'll ever be able to afford the expensive medications and high-priced medical bills
  • Wondering how you'll ever be able to find time for all of the appointments with your doctors and therapists
  • Dreading to discover what type of crazy behavior your next bipolar episode will cause that will alienate your friends and family.
  • Doubtful that your loved ones will ever forgive you for the horrible things you've said and done (that you can't remember because you were manic at the time)
  • Terrified that you'll follow through on the impulse to kill yourself during a depressive episode

Sound familiar? You're not alone. Most people who have bipolar disorder suffer from these fears (and more) when they are in the early stages of dealing with their disorder.

And if You're tired of feeling worried, scared, frustrated and mad, tHere's good news.

I Can Help.

Hi, my name is David Oliver. I'm the founder of BipolarCentral.com, an online resource center for people with bipolar disorder and their supporters.

My mom has had bipolar disorder since she was a teen. I've been her primary supporter since 2004, when she had the worst bipolar episode of her life.

In a matter of weeks, she went from having a great job, paying her bills on time, having extra money on hand, being surrounded by lots of good friends, and have close relationships with our family to skipping work (and losing her job), racking up $30,000+ in debt, yelling and screaming at everyone, every day and alienating most of our relatives (including my older brother) and her friends.

One day, she'd be happy. The next day, she'd be sad. For a few hours, she'd be the life of the party, all bubbly and full of energy. Then she'd sink into a deep depression and go to bed for days.

I knew that there was something wrong with her. But I didn't know what. And because she and her parents made so many mistakes managing her bipolar early on -- especially in the first 2 or 3 years after she was diagnosed, my family didn't know how to help her.

I finally convinced my dad that he HAD to tell me what illness she had. He called it manic depression. Can you imagine? we were so out of touch with the latest treatments and research about bipolar disorder that we didn't even know the right name for her disorder!

I share this with you because I want you to know that I UNDERSTAND YOUR SITUATION. I've seen firsthand how bipolar disorder can destroy lives and relationships. I've learned through years of expensive and painful experience what it takes to go from being controlled by bipolar disorder, to living with the disorder successfully. I've seen how much fear and suffering it causes for the people who have this dreaded disorder.

And I don't want you to suffer the way that my mom and family has.

That's why I'm writing.

Discover the 7 Most Important Secrets for Living with Bipolar Disorder

I've written a special handbook for people just like you who have recently been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and now are wondering Now what?. People who've been living with the disorder for awhile, but who haven't gotten their bipolar disorder under control enough to live even a remotely normal life.

7 Secrets to Living with Bipolar Disorder (That You Probably don't Know) is a 96-page guide that delivers the most powerful and helpful information you need to begin getting your bipolar disorder under control.

I discovered all of these secrets back when my mom was so sick. Things were so bad and my dad and brother were in so much denial that I literally had no choice but to quit working so I could take care of her. Figuring out what was wrong with her and then figuring out how to help her became my full-time job for 9 long months.

I started with the library, getting my hands on every book That's ever been published on bipolar disorder. To tell you the truth, this really wasn't helpful, because most books talk about WHY you get bipolar disorder, not how to cope with it.

So I started investigating other sources of information. I read articles, college textbooks, and similar materials. I started interviewing doctors, therapists, hospital workers, social workers, and bipolar individuals. I attended support groups and started compiling information, making notes, and creating checklists. My main goal was to get my mom better and to NEVER repeat what was happening.

By the time I was done, I had accumulated a body of information that rivals the top medical libraries in the world. I discovered information that most people with bipolar disorder (and many of their doctors too, to be perfectly honest) don't even know exists.

The information I discovered changed our lives. My mom got so bad she was non-functional. Not only was she yelling and screaming constantly, she was also lying and racking up huge amounts of debt on her charge cards. She lost her job and alienated her friends.

Today, she's one of the highest-functioning people with bipolar disorder that I know. (And I've met tens of thousands of people with this disorder, so that says a lot.)

Her mood is stable. And she knows how to spot an episode That's coming on and get the help she needs to minimize its severity. She works part time, has paid off most of her debt, and has rebuilt loving relationships with her friends and relatives.

When I saw how much I had learned that even most medical professionals don't understand and how powerful this information is. I knew I had to share it with the world. That's when I launched bipolarcentral.com.

Once people started seeing results from the system I had created for managing bipolar, word spread quickly. Pretty soon I was getting more than 30 phone calls a day from people who wanted help managing their or their loved one's bipolar disorder. My email filled up each day to the point my server couldn't handle any more messages.

Over the past few years, I've listened carefully as people with bipolar disorder tell me how they manage their disorder. I've watched carefully as they've implemented my system. And I've identified the 7 most important and effective strategies you need to do to get yourself on the road to recovery and stability.

That's what you get when you claim your personal copy of 7 Secrets to Living with Bipolar Disorder.

See for yourself what you'll learn.

The 56 Top Lessons you'll Learn

  1. One of the most common and understandable mistakes made by people who are supporting loved ones with bipolar disorder (page 12)
  2. Do your family and friends think You're using bipolar disorder as an excuse for inappropriate behavior? Here's what they need to understand (page 13)
  3. 4 creative ways to help your kids understand how bipolar disorder affects your brain (page 37)
  4. The five-point formula you need to understand to gain control over bipolar disorder (page 14)
  5. The thing you might be doing that will make it practically impossible to move on with living a normal life despite having bipolar disorder (page 16)
  6. 6 easy ways to instantly save at least $50 a week (page 53)
  7. Why medication plays such a key role in recovering from bipolar disorder (page 17)
  8. The 6 most common side effects of medication and 27 ways to minimize their impact (page 32)
  9. The truth about whether you really have to take medication the rest of your life (page 18)
  10. 5 things you can do to make taking your bipolar medications more pleasant and easier to remember (page 19)
  11. 4 questions to consider when determining the best medical professionals to work with (page 20)
  12. Why trusting your medical team completely is a huge (but understandable) mistake and the two most important people who should be on your team to avoid your being sent down the wrong path (page 22)
  13. The real key to successfully coping with bipolar disorder and how not having this tool makes your efforts to live with the disorder ineffective at best and dangerous at worst (page 13)
  14. The insider patient-relation secrets that most people don't know and how to use them to avoid being treated like a faceless number when you visit your doctor (page 23)
  15. All doctors are not the same. Here's how to find the best medical professionals for YOU (page 24)
  16. How changing the way you describe your bipolar disorder makes the difference between being controlled by the disorder or living a relatively normal life (page 26)
  17. The surprising reason that people with bipolar disorder can't achieve everything their families expect them to do (I promise you'll feel sick after reading this one) (page 12)
  18. 11 ways to make it easier to manage your medications (page 29)
  19. 3 simple changes that can dramatically reduce the side effects of your bipolar medication and what to do first if you want to try one of these ideas (page 30)
  20. Have you been tortured by the thought that you did something to cause your bipolar disorder? Here's some information to help you answer that question once and for all (page 15)
  21. How to rebuild trust with the people closest to you (page 57)
  22. How to tell when your side effects are severe enough to require immediate medical treatment (page 31)
  23. The 5 most important behaviors to assess and monitor to effectively manage your bipolar disorder (page 41)
  24. The role that over-the-counter medications and supplements can play in treating bipolar disorder and the shocking reason they can create a life-threatening situation if You're not careful (page 36)
  25. The fatal mistake that 1 out of 10 people with bipolar disorder makes (page 17)
  26. When to tell your kids about your bipolar disorder and how much to share with them (page 37)
  27. The 5-95 Rule and how it practically guarantees that you'll receive extraordinary medical care (page 23)
  28. 8 common ways that people with bipolar disorder destroy their finances and the 3-step formula that will get you on track to financial stability (page 49)
  29. The 5-word mantra that will transform the way you feel about your disorder and how society treats you (page 26)
  30. The tool your doctor should ask you to use to help identify your triggers and recognize patterns in your bipolar disorder (page 39)
  31. The two most important forms that your supporters will need to help you manage the disorder they're yours to use (page 77-79)
  32. The activity most people give up in their teenage years That's incredibly powerful for managing your fears, worries and thoughts about bipolar disorder (page 41)
  33. The 6 professionals you'll probably need to work with to completely cope with bipolar disorder (page 20)
  34. The 18 most common signs of stress that people with bipolar disorder experience and 8 proven ways to reduce your stress levels (page 44)
  35. 7 other handy quizzes and checklists to help you and your supporters monitor your bipolar disorder (pages 84-90)
  36. The top 6 methods for handling the unusual and incredible level of stress That's caused by your bipolar disorder (page 44)
  37. Should you tell your significant other about your bipolar disorder or spare them the pain of finding out about this life-changing disorder? You might be surprised by the answer. (page 36)
  38. The source of a great deal of stress and why most people never identify it (you'll probably be shocked when you read this) (page 46)
  39. The two categories of issues that cause stress and the differences in how these issues affect your ability to manage your bipolar disorder (page 43)
  40. Feeling lonely like no one else can really understand what it's like to deal with bipolar disorder? Then you'll be stunned when you read this tidbit of information (page 27)
  41. 9 ways that people with bipolar disorder lose control of their spending and how to ensure that your monthly budget is 100% accurate (page 52)
  42. 3 proven relaxation techniques that will calm your mind and body (page 45)
  43. The top 4 situations that are most likely to trigger a bipolar episode (page 54)
  44. 5 serious questions to ask yourself before you decide to have children (page 38)
  45. The best person to make your #1 supporter and how to enlist their help to gain the trust of other people in your life (page 57)
  46. The 4 areas in which you can change your behavior to prove that you are trustworthy (page 59)
  47. The 3 main types of bipolar disorder and how the symptoms of manic and depressive episodes vary based on the type of bipolar disorder you have (page 60)
  48. The 7 types of people who should be in your support network and 7 reasons you need as much support as possible from your family if you are going to achieve stability (page 64)
  49. Why your sleeping habits have a huge impact on your bipolar episodes and 10 things you should be doing to maximize the amount of quality sleep you get (page 48)
  50. 26 reasons that having bipolar disorder can be a blessing in disguise and how to use the things You're learning to achieve a normal and productive life (page 66)
  51. Easy-to-understand definitions of 36 common terms you need to understand to effectively manage your bipolar disorder (pages 72-76)
  52. The Bipolar Stability Equation and how to find the right combination of factors for you to prevent an episode (page 55)
  53. The three best websites you should visit if You're serious about stopping bipolar disorder from destroying your life (page 15)
  54. 4 worksheets you can use to reduce the severity and frequency of your bipolar episodes and protect yourself from some of the negative consequences (page 80-83)
  55. The 13 most frequently asked questions about living with bipolar disorder (pages 68-70)
  56. 14 key resources for people with bipolar disorder and their families (page 91-92)

I've packed this helpful handful with the most pertinent information you need to achieve stability with your bipolar disorder. The lessons you'll learn in this one-of-a-kind resource can make the difference between being able to live a full and rich life and merely existing.

Order Your Copy TODAY and Claim 2 Free Gifts

When you request your copy of 7 Secrets to Living with Bipolar Disorder today, I'll also be sending two FREE gifts for you.

FREE Gift #1: The Number One Thing You Need to Know About Natural Treatments for Bipolar Disorder. (A $50.00 Value)

One of the biggest fears voiced by people who are struggling with their bipolar diagnosis is that they'll need to take medications for the rest of their life. That's why tHere's a lot of buzz in the bipolar disorder community about natural treatments for the disorder. In this insightful report, you'll get an easy-to-understand, honest look at the all-natural therapy option and how to tell if this is the right choice for you.

FREE Gift #3: How to Ethically and Easily Hide Your Bipolar Disorder So Others don't Know You Have It (Unless You Choose to Tell Them). (A $50.00 Value)

One of the biggest fears that people with bipolar disorder share is that they'll be shunned and ridiculed for being crazy. and the sad fact is that yes, there are things that people with bipolar disorder do and say that make it apparent to others that something is wrong with them. In this unique resource, you'll discover the simple things you can do to mask the outward symptoms of your disorder so that the only way people will know you have bipolar is if you choose to tell them.

That's $100 in FREE gifts when you make the smart decision to order 7 Secrets to Living with Bipolar Disorder (That You Probably don't Know).

What's It Worth To Get Your Life Back?

It took me close to six months of full-time research to unearth all of the secrets and strategies you get in 7 Secrets to Living with Bipolar Disorder.

And it took an extra 12 months after that to figure out which of the strategies I learned during my massive research would be the most important ones to use when first starting your recovery from bipolar disorder.

When I factor in the amount of time I took off from running my business the number of books I had to buy the number of doctors and other bipolar experts I had to pay to interview, well, the cost to compile this information is astronomical. I'd conservatively estimate that I've spent at least $150,000 on bipolar research since 2003.

don't get me wrong. I'm not telling you this because I want you to feel sorry for me. I know that I am really fortunate that I was able to invest this kind of time and money into helping my mom. You really can't put a price on the value of helping someone you love get their life back to normal.

But you already know that, don't you? Wouldn't you invest whatever it takes and spend as much time as you have to if it means finally breaking the chokehold that bipolar disorder has on your life?

Of course you would.

But I also know that you might have a limited amount of money to invest in resources right now. You're probably overwhelmed by the doctors, bills, medication costs, and unpaid time you've had to take from work to attend all of your appointments. Heck, you may have even lost your job because of your bipolar disorder.

don't Decide Now...
You Can Get My 7 Secrets To Living With Bipolar Disorder Sent To You FREE

I'm so sure that you will love this guide, I'm willing to do something that everyone who works with me thinks is "crazy."

I'd like to send you a copy of this guide to review for FREE. That's right, NO MONEY.

Here's what I'm going to do for you:

I'm going to send you ONE copy of this guide at MY RISK.

If you like it, keep it. You'll be billed automatically for the full price of $49.95...which is 38% off the price I will be offering it out in the future.

After your FREE review trial period, you can get your personal copy of 7 Secrets to Living with Bipolar Disorder for 14 cents a day. That's right you get the keys to freedom from bipolar disorder for the equivalent of the spare change you'd find in your couch cushions.

When you consider that every doctor or therapy appointment you go to costs at least $150 an hour you can see how much of a bargain this guide is. That's why it makes sense to reserve your copy now.
Best of all, your investment is protected by my total-satisfaction, 100%-risk-free guarantee

If you don't like it for any reason whatsoever, just send it back within 30 days, and you won't be charged (Don't worry, if the mail takes too long, and I get it back 31 or 35 days later and you've been charged, I'll give you a full refund). I am not trying to give you a hard time.

All I ask if she cover the shipping and handling for me to send the guide to you.

Can it get any better?

Of course it can...

Your Investment Is Backed by an Iron-Clad, 100%, 120-Day, Total-Satisfaction-or-Your-Money-Back Guarantee

If you decide to keep it, take the next 120 days to go through every bit of information I've included in 7 Secrets to Living with Bipolar Disorder. Take notes, and test some of the strategies and techniques for yourself.

If you don't agree that 7 Secrets to Living with Bipolar Disorder gives you the blueprint you need to get started on the road to reliable, steady recovery, I demand that you send it back for a total refund of your investment (less Shipping & Handling).

You can even keep the free gifts as a thank you for giving the course a try.

Claim your copy now!

~ David Oliver, author of The Bipolar Mastery System

But don't just take my word that 7 Secrets to Living with Bipolar Disorder is a smart investment if You're serious about getting your bipolar disorder under control. I have more than 5,000 testimonials on file from people I've helped over the past few years. Here's just handful of the comments I've received about my work helping people cope with bipolar disorder.

Click here for a pdf of 343 pages of testimonials.

What People Are Saying About My Information For People With Bipolar Disorder

Absolutely YES, your information has helped me tremendously. I read it ALL faithfully. It may not all apply to me and my bipolar son but it truly helps to keep me in the right direction. I print it out for my husband to read also. We feel we can never have too much information on this for our own survival. We have gones through a lot of the same situation you have but only wish we would have know more at a crucial time when it was at its worse. I recommend your information to ANYONE going through these difficult times. You can NEVER get too much information. It is called survival. You do such a great job in all aspects of this mental disorder. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. This is the first time I have actually told you or written explaining how much it has helped us handle bipolar. I apologize for not writing sooner. You are doing a fabulous job. KEEP IT UP.

Syble, TX

This material and information has been very helpful on a personal level and also on a professional level. Thank you for providing it. Yes, I definately recommend this information to others as being so very, very helpful.

Julia, CA

I am bipolar. I would recommend your information to anyone who is bipolar. I recommend people read this so they will understand there are so many other people that suffer the same way and we are surely not faking, why would we possibly want to act like this. I recommend it highly!!!!!

Amanda, NC

Your source of information helped a lot in the diagnosis of my desease, further more it helps me to gain knowledge which otherwise I wouldn't know where to find.

Ilona, Hungary

I am bipolar myself, and your course has helpes me in the sense that I know I'm not alone, and it has given me a few tips for how to deal with my everyday life. The most important lesson, however, is that You're teaching us not to give up, but to come up with solutions. I appreciate that. Keep up your good work.

Ina, Norway

David is dedicated to helping you understand and deal with bipolar disorder, and is tireless in his efforts. You can only benefit from the information he provides.

Todd Z.

Your material on bipolar disorder has helped me tremendously, you have given me a lot of information to work with. Without your positive attitude towards this illness, I would have thought that a person who lives with bipolar would have been helpless. I've learned otherwise. You're helping so many people, please continue this good work of yours!!. I definitely would recommend your information on Bipolar to others, you have a lot of useful information and resources that people could use.


I am a 47 yr. old single mother with Bipolar. I know how difficult it is. I am trying to raisemy 11 yr. old son with who also has Bipolar, ODD, & ADHD. [Your site] is very helpful in explaining just what Bipolar is. You give lots of information that is helpful for someone that has no cue.

Susan L., OH

I would recommend this information to anyone dealing with bipolar. I really do appreciate all of your hard work with the information that you are sending me. I for one really do appreciate thanks.

Carol, Great Britain

If you have bipolor or you know someone who does, I highly recommend getting your hands on anything David Oliver has out there. He has helped to salvage my relationship with a man who has suffered with bipolar alone for 20 years, and also shown that same man that someone can understand what he goes through. He is not the only one with this problem.

Joanne, SC

I have learned alot about the disorder and about me. I love the program.

DeAnn Halverson, AK

It helps in a way. You were the one who put set me up to do it and finally go back into therapie. For years I been in denyle about my this me beeing bipolar. Because of Dave I have learned more about myself. Because of Dave I started to look at bipolar diferently not so much as an illness, AND That's VERY IMPORTAND..BUT MOST OF ALL HE UNSTANDS...HE LIVED IT. And he is the person , and I thank him for that, who made me deceide to put every once of energy into my perticulair case.

Joanna Pluymaeckers, Netherlands

It has been very encouraging and informative, To be able to get information on the subject of manic depression all at one website is invaluable. Reading your story was veryencouraging to me. I have memories from the last two years that I could tell that are very similar. To have at least one other person that has gone through similar experiences helps.

Tom, NY

your materials have helped me to better understand my diagnosis.

Shirley, WI

Anyone who knows firsthand how devastating bipolar & cyclothymic disorder are would truly know its ravaging consequences...as you, David, poignantly know so well! However, highly intelligent, aware, empathic people like yourself, whom have transcended its destruction, are able to conscientise so many, are a godsend, a guiding light of hope & healing to those suffering. Always recommend you, David, so that these disorders may be better IDd; appropriately treated.

-Coloma, TX

Yes your material is helpful to me. It is a good source of information that I would have a difficult time accessing on the internet. You are doing a good work and I hope that you continue the work. I would recommend the site to those that I believe would be interested.

Jackie, PA

All I know is that my son is 14yrs old.I have been to at least 10 counselors with him starting at the age of 2 and no one could tell me what was wrong. Then I got online to try to find out on my own. Had I not ran into your articles I wouldnt be where I am. I was ready to give up. But as I find out that we are bipolar I know I have you to thank. You are A very good inspiration to people. Keep up the good work. Had I not read your articles at A time when I was suicidal I may be dead right now. Thanks dave I relly do enjoy your articles.

Catherine, OK

I just recently started to receive information from you, and I have really appreciated it greatly. It's all still fairly new to me, but I really appreciate all I have read so far, so please continue on, and continue to send the emails. You ARE helping people, for sure Yours, of what I have read so far seems very real and practical. Which is exactly what I find to be the most helpful. Your information is really so valuable to many more than the ones who don't appreciate it, I think.

Brenda, Canada

your information on bipolar disorder has helped me. i would recommend this site on bipolar disorder, it is very helpful.

Susan, United Kingdom

Your information on bipolar disorder has been VERY helpful to me and my family. You publish information that simply isn't compiled and available anywhere else. I hope you continue this mission. I am also a member of the Bipolar Inner Circle and that information has been extremely beneficial. I have already shared some of your information with my daughter who has a BP father and NOW has discovered that one room mate in her loft is ALSO bipolar. I have been able to help them both because of information I have available to me from Bipolar Central. I have given website links to those who really want to understand the disease and who want do improve their lives by using this information.

Jim, WI

Your information has helped me in so many ways. Having no exposure to this illness in the past, your data has helped me understand, and has eased my situation, knowing on what to look out for discribed in your various issues emailed daily to me. Great Job. I would like to thankyou sincerely, your collated data on this topic has helped my situation with my loved one. Continue with your research. You are a saint.

Vicki, Australia

Mr Oliver,
Your mini course is accually very helpfull and Informative. I firmly believe that it is due to the fact that it is comig from a personal point of view. You have gone through the hardships that we are just coming into. Keep up the good work, and dont let anyone make you think twice about what you are doing. here should be a lot more people doing what you are Thank you SO much for themini course and for your time [to others:] This man is tellin you the struggles and hardships that he personally went through, and is willing to take his time to hlp others that are just coming to face Bipolar. don't be in the dark anylonger. Let David Oliver putsome light on it. It truleyhas helped me with my wife who is Bipolar 1

Buck, CA

Your material on Bipolar Disorder has helped me tremendously because the information is acurate and I have the freedom of understanding all this at my leisure at home. My theropist gives me only an hour to take in alot of info. So yes, you help so very much. Thank You, [to others:] I recommend Dave's information on Bipolar Disorder as his valuable research has been so helpful in understanding my mental illness.

Marika, NY

Your info is very informative and gives alot of insites how to deal and handle the different situations. The work your doing is great and keep it up and it's not a waste of time. You info has helped me deal with my husband. Anyone needing assisting and great insites on Bipolar then David Olivers website is the one to go to has so much to offer and truly helps when your trying to figure out what to do. The articles have benefited myself with how to deal with my husband and the signs to become aware of. So this is the best site for all your needs and info on Bipolar. Keep up the great job

Christine, NY

What Do You Want Your Life to Be Like
30 Days From Now?

When I stop and look back at the journey my family has been forced to take because of my mom's bipolar disorder, it's very easy to see exactly when we got off the roller coaster and started driving on a smooth road.

The day our fortune turned was the day I stopped listening to only what the doctors, therapists and pharmacists were telling us and took a proactive approach to learning as much as I could about bipolar disorder.

The simple fact is the more you know about your disorder, the more likely it is that you'll achieve stability and the faster you'll become stable.

If you don't really care about achieving any regular stability if You're OK with being at the mercy and whims of this fickle disorder then stop reading right now.

But if getting your life back to some semblance of normal is important to you, you owe it to yourself, your family and your friends to invest in a copy of 7 Secrets to Living with Bipolar Disorder. you'll discover the 7 most important strategies you need to begin using today to claim your life back.

Claim your copy of 7 Secrets to Living with Bipolar Disorder now!

To your success,

David Oliver
Author, 7 Secrets to Living with Bipolar Disorder

P.S. Remember, your investment in 7 Secrets to Living with Bipolar Disorder is risk-free. If you decide that you'd rather figure out your own system for managing your bipolar disorder, just send the course back within 120 days for total refund of your money (less S/H). Click here to order now.

P.P.S. When you get your copy of 7 Secrets to Living with Bipolar Disorder, you instantly qualify to receive more than $450 in FREE gifts. These are yours to keep even if you decide that you don't want to keep the 7 Secrets to Living with Bipolar Disorder. Click here to order now.

P.P.P.S Read more of what others have to say:

I think that your courses are very helpful. This program may seem at first like a lot of reading, but it is worth it.

Corrin, Canada

You do give good info about bipolar. While I have been dealing with bipolar for a number of years it can help to get a different view on things. I am schizo affective diorder/bipolar type and 2 of my teens (ages 15 and 17) are also bipolar disorder. I would recommend your new letter to others who I would get some good from it.

Mary, NE

Before I came to your forum I was lost, My daughter had bipolar. Since reading your course and all the information I have gained, I have been able to express myself to the Dr better at what I am seeing and he is starting to see that too. I have also forwarded you forum to my son in law and the Dr and they have both read alot on here and let me tell you, even the Dr told me he learned alot and he has been working at an institution that deals with bipolar people all the time you have done so much for my family and I have used some of the skills that I have learned from you to deal with [my daughter] and it is working. Thank you so Much for all the help your course has provided me to understand better what it is my daughter has. When she was diagnosed I joined a support group here for people that are dealing with a loved one with bipolar and I must say that over a year of going I have not learned half as much as I have reading you words. I have recommended you site to not only my son in law and my daughter, but to her Dr and to a couple of friends that I am positive have bipolar and they both have been diagnosed with it

Delores, Canada


Nancy, PA

I think your information is excellent and it has helped me to understand more about this disorder.

Ron, NE

I was diagnosed with bipolar 2 month ago - I fought with it all my life, without knowing what it was, no doctor ever told me. I am 66 years old and finally found out. Your information helped me a lot to learn how to deal with it. But the information you sent where very helpful - Thank you!. Good, helpful information. It makes you switch on a light bulb!

Erika, WI

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